For many who know little or nothing about this village it was the largest Turkish village in Cyprus. The last English census of 1946 registered 1816 people. Sadly in the 1950s migration began and gathered pace. The influx of refuges from the surrounding villages during the 1960s swelled to over 3000 which more than made up for the constant migration out of the village. Sadly just when it reached its peak in 1974/5 the Turkish Cypriot political establishment in a policy of resettlement encouraged the vast majority to move to Akdogan/Lisi.

The result was catastrophic. The remaining 4/500 people were left in a ghost town. Ruin and collapse of the buildings turned the village into rubble. Today the population is struggling at around the 350 mark which is less than the first British census of 1881 which was 598. Just when all seemed lost the village Belediye Baskani (councillor) Hasan Barbaros and his sister Sultan Barbaros the village Muhtar (Mayor) together with the restoration committee led by Mr Ihsan Tozz embarked on a massive effort to bring the plight of the village not only to the attention of the TRNC government, but sought EU support to restore and reverse the fortunes of the village. Many individuals like Raziye Kocaismail spent immense time, effort and money to restore their family homes with an eye for authenticity. These resourceful people have found massive support in their endeavours. The restoration with EU and government funding includes assistance from the Cyprus International University and has now picked up and gathered pace. Our hope is that in 2/3 years the fortunes of this once bustling village will change. Naturally it is not expected to reach the level of population it once had, but with the right planning, infrastructure and effort there can be no doubt that more and more fellow Luricinians will begin to spend weekend trips, day trips etc. The aim is to revive the small local cafes and shops to a level of activity that has not been seen since the mid 1970s.